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    Teleporting to Eterna Forest once more, Alessa got the Sewaddle-wielding boy to help make a strap for the stone fragment Tim gave her. String Shot seemed to have so many uses, it was like duct tape!

    "Safer way to hold that thing," she noted as she wrapped the little fragment-strap around her thigh and placed the stone in it, "check." Next up was taking that nap. She floated into a tree and checked off "place to sleep" in her head, laying down against the trunk and dozing off.

    Tim Korinal

    Maybe I should take a break first, Tim thought. Right outside the city should be fine, so he climbed onto the top of a building and laid against the edge of the roof. His eyes closed, he heard an explosion, and then a group of feet running. What the heck was going on? I'm too tired... I'm not gonna check it out. Well, he WASN'T gonna check it out, if the sound didn't get closer to him. "What the hell is going on?" Re-opening his eyes, a large pack of adults was chasing a kid around, and they ran right by the building.

    Recruit material? Wait a sec. Get a closer look... That's Neil! Well, he had green-tinted skin and a flower in his hair for some reason, but it was still Neil! Haven't seen that little dude in a while now. (Working without transferring out to other cities, you tend to know who everyone is.) Aiden said he ran away, probably got a Spirit. Guess he was right. Well, he continued to himself, I can't jus' let a bunch of grown-ups kill a co-worker. So he postponed his nap and leaped down from the tree, stopping three of the adults that had trouble keeping up while the rest kept following Neil.

    "Goin' somewhere?" and only missing a beat or two, one of the adults fell on his backside and threw his knife. Just got stuck in Tim's armored leg, didn't even hit the skin. Pulling it out, the boy warned them, "You know, that could've hurt." Then he flicked it away, leaving the grown-up that threw it running away unarmed. Two left. "So, who's next?" They both tried to bum rush him, so he slammed a pair of Hammer Arms into their chests, throwing them back.

    The scrawnier adult passed out the moment he hit the ground, and the other one got up and ran off, abandoning his buddy. Li'l Tim had to add his two cents, "Turds. Leavin' behind your friends to save your own skin." Now which way did Neil go? Kid could take care of himself, but he sure wasn't a fighter.

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