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Imma suggest a few moveset changes, as well as item changes like you wanted :3

On Torterra, go for Stealth Rock > Leaf Storm since it's special and Torterra specialises in physical attacks, plus it's your lead so it can help out your team. As for an item, you could possibly go with a Life Orb to raise the power of your attacks.

For Octillery, since it's in-game, yeah both HMs make sense, but remember not to overload Pokemon with attacks of the same type. Also throw on Fire Blast/Ice Beam over Psychic and Signal Beam for good coverage. You could also use a Life Orb on this or Specs, since it has all attacks.

On Houndoom if you wanted, you could always go with Chice Specs (and Dark Pulse > Crunch since special) since you have both Fire Blast/Overheat, however Sludge Bomb doesn't really give you any sort of coverage, so you could go with Sucker Punch in case you need priority. While you specialise in special attacks, you can still find a use for a physical attack. But yeah if you're going for that, Life Orb is the best option.

On Altaria, you kinda waste two moveslots, and there's not much you can really do with it in-game, I'd honestly just ditch it tbh in the battling sense. :x

On Magnezone, Thunder is useless without rain. ;x Go for Explosion > Thunder, and for the last slot, you could go with Substitute if you want. If so you could just give it leftovers if you choose Substitute.

For Froslass, you could go for a mix of the main stalling version since you have no weather (which is usually what it has). So if so, you'd keep Ice Beam and add destiny bond, t-wave (and shadow ball if you really want, or substitute). As for item, probably leftovers if you want, though it's kinda less fun w/o spikes. :(

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