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Depends on how long after B/W the sequels take place. In the case of R/B vs. G/S (3 years IIRC), two gyms were different as one former leader got promoted and the other went into hiding. The other six remained the same.

I'd expect some leaders to remain the same (unless it's something ridiculous like 75 years into the future lol) while others may have moved up or moved on. I don't think many gyms would change their specialization... maybe two or three at most. Mistralton, Icirrus, and Opelucid in particular have gym themes and decor that is pretty specific to their type specialization, and it wouldn't make sense to have cannons send you flying through the air and then have you face,, say, a Steel-type leader, or to have you navigate ice and pit you against Rock-types.

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