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Originally Posted by LegendaryFSK View Post
Here is my latest RNG. Wanted to catch it in a premier ball but I kept running out of them and got tired of restarting. lol.

Kyurem No. 646 | Level 75
Jay Jay | 37261 | Black
Timid | Pressure | 31 15 31 31 31 31
Glaciate | Dragon Pulse | Imprison | Endeavor
Congrats. Kyurem is my fav <3

Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Can someone clarify this one as well (make it easier to understand)? Thanks and I'm sure you'll just ask me to see the page saying this again.
If this is your attitude then don't bother to come here to ask for help again. Do you know how many times we have to read the guide before we ask others for help?