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    Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
    Thats for everyone's help, particularly TwilightBlade. I realised where I was going wrong; i was trying to match the frame given on the Timefinder screen to one on the PIDRNG screen. i was following TBs guide that she posted in another thread but as that one was going off simply a normal wild encounter, I was going in blind.

    However, I gave up on Zekrom because whatever I did, I just couldn't get it right. So I abandoned Zekrom and went straight onto the other stationary legendaries. I'm pleased to report I got:

    Cobalion (Jolly), 31/31/31/9/31/31

    on my first attempt. :D
    Congratulations! What a wonderful first RNG, if I may say so myself. I hope to see many more from you. Of course if you ever need more help feel free to ask.

    Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
    Okay then...I'll keep pretty much everything in mind. And okay. I should read the guide again to understand the things I have problems with? Is that actually it? Well, the guide may be a bit problematic to me, but I'll try. (I don't really know much on RNG)
    You just need to focus on one type of RNG and get it down. Right now you are way too broad which is what I think is confusing for you.