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    Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
    I mean, yeah, there's the context of this movie essentially being a sort of trolling of a mogul who controlled most of Hollywood at the time and it also sort of gives you a window into Orson Welles' life, but I think it's still a fairly solid and enjoyable film beyond that. Visually it's just this very dynamic piece of work that has shots (the arching down shot for instance) that continue to be impressive even compared to a lot of films today, there's a craftsmanship in there that's been lost. The opening of the film is something I could see people getting a little lost with, but it actually does a fairly good job of pulling you in. To me it's not a really good film in the artistic art house sense, it's quite an entertaining film in general and I've always found that it stands the test of time pretty great. Either way, it can continue to be an influence because it influences film makers who influence film makers who influence film makers, so a lot of it sort of ties back to it.
    Definitely agree with you on a lot here, it just isn't what I (and a lot of people) look for in a lot of films. When I watch a film most of the time I'm looking for a balance of entertainment and artistic quality, when a film tips over the fence into one of those categories too far I just can't enjoy it. I can understand other people enjoying it, but would you say it's the #1 best film of all time?

    I just feel at the time it was obviously so much more important. Now I can watch films like Persona or To Kill a Mockingbird and enjoy them so much more; those films were inspired by Citizen Kane, definitely, but when it comes to choosing a classic film to watch when you're in the 21st century, these films just seem to stand the test of time a lot better.

    Going back to my Beatles analogy, it's like people grabbing the first Beatles album, because it is the first Beatles album. It's good, but everyone's real favourite is still Abbey Road or the White Album. And for an art analogy, it's the Mona Lisa of the film world; not many people would hang a replica of the Mona Lisa on their wall, but everyone appreciates it.

    People look at media of the past and see in such a better light than those of the past. If Citizen Kane didn't turn out to be as important was it was, it would have been forgotten amongst a sea of countless films out there. It's also possible that half the innovative ideas credited to CK were even done beforehand, CK was just the first film to use those techniques and be recognised at the same time. This is just baseless speculating here, but it is not very unlikely seeing as such things happen often.