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    Jack Davis

    Jack nodded his head as he listened to Kiba, "Yeah, if it something that could be taught I would love to..." It was then that he heard Echo cry out. Looking back he saw Mello near the sneasel. "Crud." He said as he called out to Alpha, "Alpha, you know what to do!"

    Bravo had also seen Mello at the same time as her trainer. "Crud." she said at the same time as Jack, "Alpha, stop her before it happens again!."

    Alpha immediately grew alert as both Bravo and Jack shouted at him. The Hypno wasted no time to in heading to the two, but as he headed there Mello began to sing. Alpha stopped and for a few seconds was held spell bound by the song. The others also stopped and listened. Alpha however managed to shake off the song and got to Mello and grabbed her by the arm, "Excuse me, Mello. I'm not trying to be rude but Echo doesn't take well to strangers. She'll claw you're face off if you get to close, so let's walk back slowly-"

    "That was good." It took Alpha a second to register where the voice had come from and stared open mouthed at the sneasel. Echo still looked down at the ground but she didn't look to be as nervous as before.

    "W-what?" Alpha could only ask. Echo spoke softly again, "I said that was good." Alpha stood there, dumbstruck, before he released his grip on Mello. Alpha slowly walked back to the others who quickly crowded him, all of them asking questions. "She spoke. Echo spoke." he murmured.

    The others fell silent, they didn't even hear Jev's statement, and before they could continue the conversation red beams shot out and drew them back into their pokeballs. "Alright guys, time for bed." Jack said. He went up to Echo and prepared her ball as the sneasel spoke again, "It was nice." she murmured before she too had disappeared. "Well, since Shadoan is already out I'll be joining him. We already sprayed the area with a repel so we should be good for the night. See you in the morning Kiba." With that Jack got into his sleeping bag and fell asleep.
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