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    Chauncey Parks

    The walls of a modest apartment building, a two-story construction, blocked the noise and commotion outside. With eight apartments in total, there was on each floor four different colored sections, each the home of a Mechanist. A staircase led to the door of each second-story apartment from the outside, making them essentially just eight homes stacked together to save space. One of the sections on the second floor, colored a simple light blue, was where a young Mechanist medic lay staring at the ceiling. The Togetic, Chauncey, had always been a light sleeper, and he had woken some time before. Glancing over at the clock across the room, he saw it was almost time for the meeting to start.

    Pulling himself up off the bed, Chauncey stretched and looked around the dark room, flicking a switch next to the bed. A single lightbulb on the ceiling lit up the room. Apart from a separate washroom taking up a corner of the apartment, it was a single-room dwelling, and therefore all his belongings were easily accessible. Chauncey’s bed was on the same side of the room as the washroom, with the clock on the wall directly across from it. The door out, in turn, was across from the washroom door. A cabinet near his bed, set against the wall separating the main room and the washroom, held his medical supplies, clothing, and other equipment. The medic’s good luck charm with its little red cross hung from the knob. A small, Pokemon-sized refrigerator under the clock housed his food, and any medicinal ingredients that needed to be kept cool.

    Chauncey made his way over to the washroom after adjusting to the light, using the sink to rub some water in his eyes and wake up. The water was refreshing, and he didn’t bother to wipe it off, instead heading back into the main room to get ready. A meeting had been called for what seemed to be- literally- everyone. Being late probably wasn’t a good idea, especially if that Blaziken was there. Chauncey set the little medic necklace on his bed and opened the cabinet, removing his harness to put it on. The harness was made so he could easily access all equipment and Potions that were needed. It fit comfortably, even with the Togetic’s wings. The heavy pack with what was basically his portable lab was much less comfortable, but just as necessary to restock medicine in the field. He lugged the thing out of the cabinet and got it into place. Maybe it was an ironic twist of luck his wing had been damaged beyond flight; trying instinctively to fly with this thing would be painful with how it fit with his wings. As it was, that was no longer a problem. Moving on from the oddly pessimistic, possibly satirical optimism, Chauncey attached his already prepared Potions to the harness. Never hurt to be ready, whether they were heading out right after the meeting or not.

    Lastly slipping on the necklace and a doctor’s mask, letting both hang down around his neck, Chauncey checked the clock one last time and turned off the lights as he opened the door to set out. As the metal portal opened, the familiar lights and sounds of the underground city assaulted his senses. Having lived with it all his life, however, the Pokemon simply shrugged it off and made his way through the streets of neon and metal towards the location of the meeting, giving friendly greetings in passing to any Pokemon he met in the street.

    Finally arriving at the convention center, Chauncey quietly slipped inside. Not really wanting to get caught in the crowd, he picked up an apple from the food vendors and ate quietly in the back while he waited for the meeting to get started.
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