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    “Pokémon are nature’s greatest unsolved mysteries.”

    Pokémon Ranger: Gatherings


    There is something about the roar of a crowd that gets me. A distinct feeling envelopes me whenever when I find myself in the center of tens of thousands. It motivates and inspires me to perform my very best. Those feelings are discomforting, it pressures too much. The only reason I felt that way is because I didn’t want to let my Pokémon down. The fact of even losing in front of an audience filled with thousands only makes a loss much more painful. Hard work and dedication we put in for years were destroyed in a matter of minutes.

    Even till this day people question how I got so far. My dreams were solely based competing in fighting competitions. People battle Pokémon to prove who the best is, and it’s a wonder how the best lose easily. Many trainers will continue to chase that dream to become the strongest and many of them will never fulfill it. I don’t blame them for chasing a seemingly impossible dream. Every time someone steps into a stadium filled with thousands of unknown spectators, people and their Pokémon seem to flourish into the very best. Unfortunately that’s about all they can hope for.

    But there is much more in this world than battling, training, and badge collecting. You don’t have to be a Pokémon trainer to fully understand the human bond with Pokémon; and you don’t have to be a Pokémon champion to be very powerful. Traveling around my home region made me realize that our world has a natural abundance of beauty and wonder. It strikes me how the most powerful Pokémon use nature to achieve their strength. Nature in itself is the most powerful thing in the world.

    That’s why I abandoned the dream every Pokémon trainer lives for. I can learn much more about our natural world than any Pokémon trainer could ever dream by becoming a champion. Some people go through life not knowing what they truly want from it. They follow other people hoping to find a true calling along the way. It was because of this I chose to travel my country. I want to learn as much about Pokémon and nature alike.
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