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    Knight Tenebrosus 'Tesus' Folium - City of Markus

    “Hey, wake up!”

    Tesus was slowly waking up from his bed when he heard the cry of a certain pokemon. He was one of the night patrolling knights yesterday, so he went to sleep very late, thanks to the task and the late arrival of his friend, Joe the Staravia, his switching partner. In fact, the voice he was hearing also seemed to be Joe’s, the high-toned voice with occasional ‘ar’ add ups.

    Tesus checked his window wearily. He wanted to sleep more, but the sunlight didn’t let him go back to the slumber. Wait, sunlight?

    “I’m late!” Tesus exclaimed before hastily standing up, taking on his armor. The banging of the door got louder, probably because Joe thought that his fellow Grovyle was peacefully sleeping on the bed and not being able to hear him at all. After few heartbeats, Tesus finally managed to get his full armor on. It was bright silver with a small picture of Arceus engraved on the left side, an Oran berry on the right side of the plate. All parts: leggings, gauntlets, chest plate – everything seemed to be worn out. Tesus didn’t care much about his armor, and his intense practice was actually worsening the condition of the armor. I’ll need to wash it later. He thought.

    Tesus rushed towards the door and opened it to notice a drowsy Staravia standing before him. By the face he was making, it was easy to guess Joe was angry.

    “What were you doing there?! Do you know you’re late for the meeting! You’re going to get punished for that. You might lose you status! Plus, I might also get the punishment just because I’m helping you!” The Staravia barked quickly, Tesus staring at the bird with awe.

    “Not the right time for chatting, Joe. Let’s get going.” Tesus nudged the bird to follow him as he dashed towards the Knight Chambers. Walking through the city was quite easy. Thankfully, it seemed like Tesus wasn’t very late, for the streets were quite empty and the curfew was only beginning to end. He ran as fast as possible occasionally waving and greeting some of the Knights, who just either stared or glared at Tesus. Sometimes who would look back to check if Joe was catching up with him. The Staravia was just barely catching up with him, breathing hard. Talk about birds being Slowpokes.

    Not much time passed as Tesus and Joe finally arrived to the Knight Chambers. Both pokemon took a minute to calm down and regain their breath, for looking at 2 exhausted Knights would be weird. Taking a breath, Tesus entered the building. The familiar sight of an enormous lobby and numerous corridors welcomed him. From one of the corners came a Totodile, by the looks of it, a footwasher. Tesus just stuck his one foot out, then the other one too, not thinking about the pokemon at all. He knew for the Totodile, it would be hard.

    When the footwasher finished his job, Tesus thought about what could he do now. He wasn’t hungry yet because of his midnight snacks he was eating every time he patrolled. Let’s just wait then. Tesus decided and went towards the room where other Knights were waiting for the order. He was marveled at the sight of two commanders, Alice and ‘The Demon, sitting in the same room. He awkwardly bowed to them and walked towards the spot in the corner and sat there, waiting for whatever was about to come.
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