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Daniel Sabrak

Daniel nodded a few times, glancing up a little more now. Mark didn’t really seem to know what he wanted to do. He seemed kind of lost on that point. But, he’d find out sometime, just like Daniel did. He smiled, pausing with the scribbling to give Mark’s arm a little pat.

“I’m sure you’ll figure something out sometime. You just have to wait and take it one step at a time! I did that, and I’ve decided that I want to be a traveler. Moving around from region to region, seeing new sights, drawing new Pokémon and places… of course, I’d have to earn money… but I think I could do that from selling drawings or helping people out with chores, right?”

Alexis’ ears perked somewhat, a small snicker escaping her. “Awh, he’s got a crush on her? That’s cute! I’m sure he’ll find the courage to tell her sometime. He could even get Daniel to help him.” She said, though making it clear that she was joking, a small giggle erupting from her while glancing up at the two.

She turned back to Len as he lied down on his back, shaking her head a little. “Awh, don’t say that. You’ll just need a little bath and you’re as good as ever! Much worse with me, since a stench like that sticks to your fur, even if you aren’t –in- the swamp itself. And hey, if the stench would knock them out, it’d mean you would win, right?” she said with a smirk.
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