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    Maverick Renos
    Location: Markus

    As Maverick left the room he was greeted by the sight of Caedmon leaning on the railing. “Good morning. Received our new orders, then? It’s been a while since we have had anything to actually do, though I should of course not complain. It only means the Mechanists are holding back their attacks.”

    Maverick chuckled, "You know, you are always so curious. The information I have was just received yesterday at night. You'll be told with the others at the meeting, just... don't put all you're hope into it." Maverick knew the information had a strong chance of being wrong. He had received similar information many times before and each and every time it had led to him and his Knights wandering in the middle of nowhere for a good ten hours before returning to Markus. There would be a lot of frustration on the road there, but still it was in duty to the Council.

    Looking down Maverick saw some more Knights entering the Chambers and sitting around. The only one that tackled the stairs was Ludo Linfoi, a Knight-Commander. Maverick always felt... different whenever he saw his Knight-Commanders. He had hand picked each and every one as was the duty for the Head Knight. He felt proud of them, proud that they had shown themselves to be true Knight-Commanders by not failing in their duties. There had been many times when Maverick had elected others and within the first month they had failed at one time or another, but these pokemon were indeed worthy of their title. Ludo had stopped before himself and Caedmon and knelt down. "High Commanders." he said.

    Maverick looked down, "Ludo, arise. I thank you for your sign of obedience." Maverick raised his voice for the other Knights to hear, "Knights, let us head into the meeting room. We have a order from the Orator that should be immediately focused on." Maverick headed down the stairs and went into the first passageway to the right of the stairs. As he went down he only glimpsed the Knights that worked directly under him.

    Ludo Linfoi was a dedicated Knight. The first time Maverick had heard of him was when the Mienshao was 27. He had participated in many major battles against the Mechanist scum and just by pure strength alone had gained Maverick's attention.

    His second Knight-Commander was Famidus Verruck, who some had taken to calling "The Demon". Maverick had heard not only about Famidus' grand crusade against the Mechanists, but had also heard of his ingenious mind. The Darmanitan fascinated Maverick as his mind could nearly comprehend each and every battle strategy that Maverick gave him. Truth be told, without Famidus, there would have been a few battles where Maverick might have had to retreat.

    The last Knight-Commander, and perhaps the most controversial choice in all of the Knight's history, was Alice. This was perhaps the most unusual choice Maverick had made, and it was partly Matthew's fault. In the few weeks that Maverick had know Matthew he had simply dismissed the Alakazam as crazy. Matthew had been trying to pass legislation that even Maverick knew would never be passed. How the Council could allow such a rebellious mind to join them Maverick had no idea, but he was stuck serving the Alakazam. During the time he still gave a grudging respect to the Alakazam Matthew had dared him to pick a female Knight-Commander to fill in one of the empty spots. If she proved inadequate then Matthew would abandon his ideas, but if she proved to be worthy then Maverick would have to spend a hour each day listening to his ideas. Maverick had scoffed back then and had looked through the books that day. He wanted a female that would surely be ridiculed and would cry due to harsh words alone. The fact that Alice was an Absol made the Grovyle laugh.

    It was a strange ceremony when he had made his announcement. No one had clapped when the Absol had been promoted by him and the next day he had been called into the Council's presence and was berated for his lack of judgement. As the weeks passed Maverick had watched Alice suffer various forms of punishment from not only her fellow Knights, but from himself as well. Her duties had been demeaning and the talk of the city, but he was surprised when she not only succeeded but also went above the job and still managed to look good doing it. Matthew had won the bet. Perhaps it was because of what she had to work through that made Maverick feel more proud of her than his other Commanders.

    Then, there were the common Knights. There was Tenebrosus Folium, a Grovyle as well, that was more curious than the usual Knight, but focused and disciplined as well. Ribibin Triss, a female Weavile who was a loner. To top it off there was one Knight missing. He wasn't missing because he was late or in another city. Seth Redding was missing for a different purpose.

    Maverick was the first in the room and waited as the other Knights piled in. Once everyone was in he nodded to a Gallade in the room who closed the door and placed a psychic shield around the walls. No one would be allowed to hear what he had to say.

    "Greetings fellow Knights," Maverick began. He took off his helmet carefully, making sure not to pull on his leaf. "We have a mission straight from the Orator himself. We have been informed of the location of an enclave." Maverick expected most of the Knights to at least groan or show some discomfort. They had been sent many times before on missions to 'enclaves' only to wander around the forest for most of the day. He began again, "The enclave is named 'Kanto'. The informant told said that it is underground and can only be accessed by a large hole dug into the earth." It was here that Maverick was doing his very best not to smile or burst out laughing. It sounded absolutely absurd. A city underground? Still he continued, "We are to head out as soon as possible and go north. At this point I open up discussion, does anyone have any questions?"


    Damon Malruth
    Location: Birch Enclave

    Damon happily munched down on some cereal as he looked around at the various pokemon coming inside. There weren't a lot since the D.F. was an all volunteer army. Unlike the Knights that forcibly drafted young ones into service all soldiers in the D.F. could enter, and leave, whenever they wanted. They needed pokemon who wanted to fight, not those who were forced to fight. Damon gave a glance at Urta and saw a Aggron talking to her. Shrugging Damon found a table and practically inhaled his cereal. He looked around and his eyes first fell upon Seth Redding. One of the first Knights to actually go against the Council and join up with them. Many of the other soldiers weren't too friendly with him yet but to Damon he was a blessing. Once he got comfortable enough then he could tell them how patrols worked and just how to get around the Knights more easily.

    He also picked out Luna Dyseris who had just recently also fled the cities and joined them. She liked books... and that was all Damon could come up with. There really wasn't anyone else he knew since he really wasn't from the Birch Enclave. He traveled to every enclave and just stayed in houses that were set aside for him. He had finished his breakfast and started heading over to Urta and her friend.

    Urta, meanwhile, had just been approached by Alexander. "What cha know you old hen?" On any given day Urta would have countered with a insult to the Aggron. It was how they operated, but today wasn't the day. She pulled the Aggron in close and whispered as fast as she could, "Get out of here Alex. Something big is going down. Really big. Why call of these soldiers together for one thing? Whatever it is, it means that we need all the help we can have to pull it off. Why call soldiers who don't have that much experience? Why call those on break and those that are the top of their class? Let me enlighten you, they're want as many soldiers as they can because they expect a lot of us to die out there." She looked up and saw Damon coming over. "I didn't say anything." She whispered and pushed the Aggron back.

    Damon placed his front paws on the table and grinned, "So, what are you two talking about?" He asked. Urta growled, "Nothing concerning you Damon." She glanced over at Alexander. Suddenly one of the side doors opened and a Porygon floated in. Charlie and his kind were as different as they could come. They actually first appeared to the first Mechanists some hundred and twenty years ago when some weird code was put into a machine. It popped to life and let out the Porygons that had hidden in it. Apparently there was some war and the Porygons had hidden inside these machines. It was actually due to them that they were able to learn more things about the humans and how to operate machines they just couldn't figure out. Charlie spoke in his monotone voice, "Greetings Declarum Forces. Please remain seated and please greet Mr. Riley Richards!"

    Damon gasped as he looked at Urta, "Did you know he was coming!? I didn't! We don't have anything prepared!"

    Urta looked surprised as well, "Well, I don't either! C**p!" The Tyrogue walked out on stage and both quickly took their seats. "Thank you all for coming out here. I have a very special presentation for you all. I still see we have some soldiers coming in so we'll set aside some time before we begin the presentation. There's more than enough food set aside, so please help yourselves. We'll give you all ten minutes before we begin." The Tyrogue walked off stage and Damon and Urta got up and pursued him.

    The Tyrogue turned, "Ah, Damon, Urta, glad to see you two!"

    Damon paled, "Uh, Mr. Richards, we are extremely sorry for our poor hospitality. No one informed us-"

    "Relax Damon. No on was supposed to inform you! We have everything planned."

    Damon looked confused, "What exactly do you have planned sir?"

    "Don't worry about it, look I have to confirm some things with Charlie. Great seeing you two again!"

    The door closed behind him and both looked at each other, perplexed. "Well, I guess we'll have to wait." Damon said. "It isn't like we'll end up embarrassing ourselves and the whole D.F. at the same time and be bad hosts and-"

    Urta slapped Damon hard and grabbed him by the shoulders, "Relax! Just go with the flow and we'll be good." Damon nodded weakly and went to the water cooler and began drinking like there was no tomorrow.
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