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Caedmon Yeonart

You know, you are always so curious. The information I have was just received yesterday at night. You'll be told with the others at the meeting, just... don't put all you're hope into it." Maverick said, a somewhat annoyed look on his face. Caedmon understood why he looked as he did. He himself had been sent out on various missions to so-called ‘enclaves’ and at best, they found a bandit camp, which was quickly dispatched of.

Something about this whole thing did still intrigue Caedmon, who lifted a paw to scratch his cheek faintly, glancing towards the Mienshao climbing up the immense amount of stairs. This caused Caedmon to smile faintly.

“Still, you cannot possibly expect the council to gather up both the leading commanders, as well as not just one, but –several- knight-commanders, based on a loose rumor, can you? There has to be some sort of pull with the informant this time.”

As Ludo made his way up to the top of the stairs and knelt, Caedmon pushed himself off of the rail, giving him a faint nod and a friendly smile. It was always nice to see dedicated knights, especially ones Caedmon had fought and bled alongside. There was a certain type of bond between two Pokémon fighting together.

“It is good to see you again, Ludo, but I’m afraid your climb was for naught.” He said as he glanced towards Maverick, moving to the railing and calling out to the assembled Pokémon. "Knights, let us head into the meeting room. We have a order from the Orator that should be immediately focused on."

As Maverick passed Caedmon and Ludo, he glanced after him before looking back at the Mienshao, motioning with his head for him to follow along. “Best see what information has been provided for us this time.”

As he was trotting down the stairs, he looked over the various Pokémon who had now turned to glance up at them, Caedmon folding his paws behind his back, looking around with his rather piercing eyes, though this did not subtract from his somewhat mixed walk. It was both casual and very determined at once. He saw various faces that he could recognize, both from having spoken, fought alongside and from reports and random chats with the other commanders and knights.

He looked at no one in any particular manner, not even the very controversial female knight-commander. Caedmon had heard of what she had managed to do, but the fact that she was a woman, and granted, according to the laws, worth less than a male, that didn’t matter to Caedmon. As soon as you become a knight, you aren’t any longer male or female, you’re a knight. And as long as you did what you were ordered, pulled through and were an example to others, he wouldn’t look at others as inferior, even females.

As they entered the large room, Caedmon was right behind Maverick, taking his usual spot by his side and a little behind him, his arms still folded on his back, taking a stoic position while overlooking the entering knights. He knew they might very well all be fairly on edge due to the possibility of them going to find one of these enclaves and possibly eradicating some Mechanists… or maybe they were annoyed at the fact that this might very well be another, wild goosechase.

Caedmon remained silent while Maverick spoke, his eyes slowly moving across the room, his ears only twitching somewhat, his brows furrowing a little once Maverick was done. An underground city? The idea was preposterous, but it still intrigued him. That could be a reason as to why they hadn’t found it yet. He cleared his throat and spoke up.

“Are we to create groups when we reach the approximate area of this… hole, and look for the entrance? It would widen the area we can search and lessen the time we would have to spend, whether this entrance is there or not.”
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