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    Originally Posted by DuoRyan View Post
    Nice hack my friend, I like the story which really got me intrigued.
    Good work.
    Yep. It's not all about the girls, and their band. It's about everything in my little fictional world. xD xD
    Thanks DuoRyan! It's been awhile eh?

    On a different note, here's a new patch that I'll release before DEMO 2's tentative release on 03/28/12.

    This is what I would like to call: "Pokemon Scandal --LIVE TOUR-- GIVEAWAY PATCH BUG FIX"
    It's size is 38.47MB (still zipped.) - You'll know why its THAT big.

    Anyway, a tip on what to do with the .lch files... After you've read the ABOUT LCH's.txt, you'll need to SYNCHRONIZE it with the game's in-game scripts / texts.

    That would be all for now. Thank you guys!
    Maybe in the next releases I'll separate the .ips from the .lch's files.

    "Now, I rest.."

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