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    Basically, I haven't got the sprites that the Brendan and May sprites are placeholding yet, but Aénex, who is the spriter for this project is working on the actual Hero and Heroine sprites and they should hopefully be finished by April, which is when the first Alpha demo is scheduled for release.

    There is still no release date set for the game, it all depends on how progress goes, at the moment progress is going very well; I'm currently working on 'Ashville Town', a volcanically active town, that runs of geothermal energy and is powered 'Pyro-Electricity'. This is the town in which the 3rd gym is to be set; a fire type gym with lv25+ trainers within.



    Hi there, currently I have been remastering the maps, and by remastering I mean updating the tilesets to look more BW style. Also some fetures of the game have been updated because of this: Water and lava autotiles will be HGSS style (Because there are no animated BW autotiles around), all current maps will be revamped. (More to follow the nearer the Alpha release date)

    Here's and example: