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Lucy moved forward into the building, vaguely looking around and getting used to her surroundings. If someone were to approach from the ceiling... well... she certainly wouldn't notice. On the other hand, another person barged right on in not long after she'd entered, moving into the building and making herself at home without acknowledging Lucy. It was a child not unlike herself. Lucy got the vague impression she was being ignored, or perhaps the person was trying to avoid attention through not giving it. Either way she wasn't particularly offended, being one who understood the benefits of not drawing attention all too well.

The question was... did she approach? On one hand, it seemed difficult to imagine this girl being one of those exceedingly vicious types. On the other, people were freaking /weird/. Ultimately she decided that the girl huddled in the corner was none of her business and moved on to other thoughts. Namely, she wanted to see if the person she had been avoiding earlier was gone. Thus, Lucy moved further into the building in search of a window of some sort, or some stairs for that matter. She hoped the place hadn't used elevators. The chances of electricity being present in any given building were ridiculously small at this point, as even most electricity storage units Gad run dry and making new electricity had proved difficult without basic things like food being taken care of.

She was of course still unaware of a third occupant.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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