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    This looks like fun!

    #1 - Leblanc, master of Normal Type pokemon. Following her recent admission to the Elite Four, Leblanc has developed an arrogant, self-centred attitude. Have fun smashing her team to oblivion!
    - Snorlax
    - Lickilicky
    - Porygon-Z
    - Braviary
    - Slaking

    #2 - Sven, master of Rock types. A man with a wealth of experience when it comes to battling. He is extremely well prepared and knows his weaknesses, making him a difficult opponent to simply charge into.
    - Cradily
    - Rampardos
    - Aggron
    - Archeops
    - Kabutops

    #3 - Laguna, master of Water types. He is a combat pragmatist, and understands the tides of battle far better than most. Despite his laid back and welcoming demeanour, Laguna is constantly plotting his next strategy, and unless you can work out what he's running, you'll need a lot of luck to beat him.
    - Jellicent
    - Milotic
    - Ludicolo
    - Slowbro
    - Gyarados

    #4 - Tesla, master of Electric types. A volatile woman who sets up high-risk, high-reward strategies to sweep the battlefield clean. If you don't take her down fast, her team will annihilate you.
    - Lanturn
    - Magnezone
    - Galvantula
    - Eelektross
    - Electivire

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