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Daniel Sabrak

“Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Or… well, hoping. I don’t know how many people would pay for random sketches, and if I’ll be travelling… mnh. W-well, that doesn’t matter right now anyway. Need to take things one step at a time, right? Heh..”

He smiled a little to himself, rather than to Mark, although it was pointed towards him. He had always wanted to go adventuring, but he wouldn’t start planning everything out right away. There was so many things he couldn’t be sure of would still be there in a few years from now. So instead, he continued scribbling along quietly, the outline of the Zorua now complete, he continued to sketch up the other Pokémon more thoroughly, his brows furrowing a little in concentration.

Alexis nodded a few times in understanding. No one could rush something like love, though she wasn’t sure if it worked the same way between humans as it did with Pokémon. She then proceeded to giggle at his joke, placing her paws on her feet.

“It’s actually –really- tough to get a stench properly out of fur. It’s not just a matter of washing away the yucky stuff, it just… sticks.” She shuddered a little, remembering how a Gloom had at one point hit her with a foul smelling odor, which had almost made Daniel pass out several times while she tried to clean it out.

She smiled as Len sat up and promised to keep her safe from ‘harm’, nodding her head quickly. “I’m sure you will! And I’ll make sure to keep you and the others safe, meanwhile. As I said, I have more than electricity to defend myself with.” Winking knowingly, her tail swiped through the air again.
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