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    Hi. I generally play WiFi. The main reason I like to EV train is because it is an aspect to the games I think one should take advantage of. Although, after your 6th or 7th Pokemon that you EV train, it gets annoying, but I still like it. I started to mess around with Shoddy Battle recently, but I don't enjoy it too much because it does'nt take skill to create a decent team in there. I am not trying to brag, for I couldn't win for my life in there, and I think part of the reason is you just enter some Pokemon. You don't actually train them, which was originally the sole purpose of Pokemon. Another thing I must admit though, is that it is a fantastic program, just like Pokemon Online, for testing teams, but when I find a team I like, I will actually try to recreate it in my game. I don't know. That's just my opinion, but I thought this was an interesting thread nonetheless.
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