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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
You are right, 0x8004 0x1 hatches an egg that is 2nd in the party, etc.

The only trouble now is identifying where the egg is. I've had a look at JPAN's Pokemon data decryption thread from years ago, in which he has a routine that can return a species, even in egg form - but that can't give a permission.

Ideally something like

Check (egg) species -> Locate species -> setvar 0x8004 to position

Especially if it's a one of pokemon, so there can't be more than one, so there is no trouble in accidentally hatching a normal pokemon instead. Anything to identify where the egg is would be a great start ><.
Well what you can do is have a series of checks that check each pokemon in the party's catch level (Which would be zero since it didn't hatch yet)that way you can tell where the egg is in the party, and if there is even one in said party.

Also isn't egg hacking based on the amount of steps the player takes. You can just add a certain amount of steps to the area where the amount of steps are stored, then start the routine for the egg check. Just my brain storming, I didn't actually try it myself, so tell me how it goes.
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