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    "....." Xavier turned in bed, opening his eyes to stare up to the ceiling. Not even the tiniest amount of purple arose around his eyes, along with no bags under them. A light rumble filled the soundwaves of his room, however. Xavier sighed. After training the previous day, he had taken to skipping dinner with the (apparent) furniture racist, the seductress, and Ms. Victory. Instead, he went directly to his room and went to sleep. In fact, he had actually been up for about an hour now, but he didn't really want to get up. He had to though... Sadly.

    His wings pushed him up, to where his torso was raised up. He lazily raised a fist and wiped some of the 'sand' out of his eyes with the back of it. He never liked that stuff... He swiveled his legs to hang off the bed. How come he got so much sleep, yet his legs still felt dead like they always do in the morning...? Hm. Xavier stood up, put on a white t-shirt with black jeans. Bland, yes, but it wasn't like he wasn't too. At least to everyone else's eyes. Not like Xavier actually cares about what people say about him. He combed his hair, then proceeded with the walk to the kitchen.

    "...." Actually, he had a small change in schedule. Instead of trying to stay in the kitchen and eat there, he would be eating in his room. He looked blankly at Ryuu, then the other male whom he knew none of, and walked up to the kitchen doors. Xavier knocked, before opening the door slowly. "...Anything that you can cook fast... I just want to go back to my room." He shut the door to stare at part of the opposite wall for a few minutes, before a plate of eggs and bacon were handed to him. Xavier muttered a thank you to the servant before walking back to his room. He sat criss-cross applesauce on his bed to eat.

    He was writing down possible ways the Roman Empire could have continued to survive and quite possibly thrive again--in their language of Latin, before a quiet knocking on the door struck his ears. Three uniformed knocks, almost quieter than his would be. Xavier flipped his hair, his eyes being exposed for once. His chocolate brown eyes stared right towards the door. It was probably a servant. Definitely not one of his contenders. Well, it might be Bern. But she was the most welcome out of them so... Xavier stood up and answered the door. "...?" Well, not Bern. He stared at the man emotionlessly as always.
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