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    So, I'm new to these forums and relatively new to writing fiction as well. More or so, re-introduced to writing. It's been years since I've actively applied my thoughts creatively into any literate format. However, I recently found myself ready to write and have had a lot of ideas being thrown around in my head with an equal amount of difficulty bringing any of them to full form.

    Anyways, one of the ideas I'm working on is a tragic comedy about a wanna-be/would-be superhero named Char Man. Whether or not this man will be a Pokemorph or some deprived lunatic running around in a Charmander suit wielding a flamethrower, I haven't decided. I'm currently planning on it being a one-shot, but depending on how much I enjoy writing it and how much more story I can put into it could potentially become a series. The following is a summary for one idea I have related to the character:

    Tentative titles: Charman Origins or The Origins of Charman
    39-year old Jonathan Watkins is a brilliant, yet also unstable scientist employed at Silph Co. for most of his adult life. Under achieving and never progressing in his career, he is eventually laid off. He immediately begins plotting his revenge against his former employers, deciding he would become the ultimate villian, he creates a make-shift Pokemon costume and an elaborate flame-thrower technology which accurately allows him to use fire-type Pokemon attacks. However, as he stands in front of the Silph Co. building he finds himself interfering in a mugging and perhaps finding a new purpose for his life, he re-directs his motive for revenge and instead becomes the protector for the city of Saffron. Following months of successful hero work, he will find that the life of a hero comes with great rewards and even greater consequences.

    There you have. My love-letter to comic book heroes in all of their glory. Sound off and let me know what you think of my idea!
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