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Cobalt Chimura – New York, America

Cobalt listened intently as Brian described his abilities; he often found himself doing so to a lot of people lately, many thinking he wasn’t listening to them, but rather he was letting the information sink in and mull over. ‘so… an Empath, na? I wonder why the Oracle would think an Empath was important with such big of an event on the horizon…’ Cobalt shook his head, they did not have the time for doubts, Brian had been one of the many names they were able to comprehend from the Oracle’s garbled speech; the fact that she had even uttered his name meant that he was the least bit important. Cobalt smirked as Brian read his own emotions; yes he was incredibly uncomfortable in the suit, it was far too tight and he wondered how River had even convince him, much less got him into wearing it. On the other hand he was joyful for finding Brian; it had taken a lot of time following up on old contacts to be able to find the young empath.

Brain seemed to finish almost abruptly, like he still had more to tell, but held back on it. Cobalt hesitated to reply and push forward with it, obviously Brian did not want to reveal more due to, most likely, a bad experience; Cobalt understood that. He remembered the first time he had done anything major; it had felt like his soul, the very fabric of his being was being torn apart.

"Now, why exactly did you pick me up?" Brain asked.

Cobalt tilted his head down the street, motioning to Brian to follow him with a direction in mind, “As crazy as this sounds, I have picked you up because we believe you have a lot of potential, and we need as many people like yourself so that we can keep the world safe.” Cobalt tossed the idea of revealing everything to Brian, but decided against the act; he would learn things all in good time. He would have to be careful with the kid, picking up people’s emotion meant that he would have a better insight into people than others.

“Since I know your ability, it’s a fair trade that I tell you my own.” Cobalt waved his hands and all around them, stones and pebbles flew up off the ground, hovering around waist height like a sea of stones. “I am a terrakinetic; I control the earth.” Cobalt let the stones hover for a little longer before letting them drop to the ground.

They continued walking, Cobalt breathing in the thick city air, the smells and tastes of America vastly different to that of England. “So Brian, do you have any other questions?”

Aidan Santoro – Washington D.C., America

“A heavy accusation you say? More like the truth!” Adrian wasn’t kidding around, there were people out there who would like nothing more than to get their hands on one of them and dig around inside to see what made them tick, all humans were monsters like that. He moved aggravatingly under his shirt, it took much of his concentration not to stretch out and rip the shirt off; not to make a scene.

"So, what's this 'organization' called anyway...?" Erika asked.

“It’s called the Syndicate, just the Syndicate. It’s like working in a family business, you know some of the people there, do work for them and they pay you, while also teaching you how to control your ability… how to become more powerful.” Adrian started to trail off, he had only been picked up recently, a couple of days before he was sent to pick up Erika to be exact, so he hadn’t had much time in the organisation, yet he already felt a part of it and had learnt much. It beat the mundane nine to five existence in Rio that had been his previous life.

Adrian stretched out his hand, offering it in a hand-shake gesture of kindness, “so what do you say, Erika, take a leap of faith and follow me onwards?” Adrian was taking a leap of faith asking her this early on, but he was eager to show her around, there was something about this girl that made him believe that they would get along.

Joshua Meier – Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

Joshua watched in awe as Leon trained. He could stand and watch for hours on end as the boy harnessed the raw energies of electricity and used them against the targets. Leon pushed himself to do better, pushing onwards even to the point of exhaustion and his results were impressive, definitely showing his resolve to be strong. If anything, Leon was just as powerful as October, despite on just learning to control his ability as of late whereas October had much longer. Joshua recorded Leon’s effort personally, the scores running down the side of the screen as he hit each target, ready to show it to the Boss. Unlike Jeremy’s pacifism, Leon’s hunger for power would mean that he could progress through the ranks of the Syndicate quite quickly; surpassing even Joshua.

‘This boy is one of a kind, with the proper guidance he would be a magnificent weapon…’ Joshua tossed the idea over and over in his mind; the Boss would be impressed with Leon’s progress and dedication. Joshua bit his lip, a small chunk of resentment inching into his though process; his ability was nothing compared to Leon’s.

‘I wonder what dictates what ability we are given?’ There were multiple answers for this question and it could be any of them, or a combination of several, no matter how much research they had put into it, the results always revealed the same disappointing fact.

“That’s enough for today. I’m done with training.” Came Leon’s voice from over one of the consoles, Joshua hadn’t even noticed him finish and come up from the training room; too busy lost in his own thought, the several projects he had going on taking his attention away from everything. “So…anyone know where the hell I’ll be sleeping around here?” Leon asked to nobody in particular, and most of the scientists in the room looked at him blankly then returned to their computer screens. Of course they would not know, they were on scientists after all.

“A new recruit I see,” came a feminine voice from over Joshua’s shoulder as he realised he had not heard her enter either, “he’s kinda cute, don’t you think?”

Joshua turned around to take a look at the female behind him. In her early twenties, October Carter wore a plain dark singlet, slim cut black jeans and a pair of boots that came up to her thighs. Shoulder length mahogany hair covered the small crystal earrings in each ear while also drawing attention to her green eyes and practically perfect complexion; unscarred by teenage skin problems. She was the epitome of beauty; a deadly beauty that was to be treated with caution.

“I’ll show him where his bed is, Josh,” she spoke as she brushed past him, a hint of her perfume catching Joshua’s nose.

If anyone could get away with anything, it would be October. No one even dared to call Joshua by his shortened name, all except October, who despite knowing the full consequences, walked around like she owned the place. If it came down to it, Joshua was more fearful of October than even the Blind Prophet or the Boss. It would take Leon a slip of the tongue, an insult thrown as what he was like, and all hell would break loose.

“I can show you where you bedroom is,” she said approaching Leon, sizing him up, “the name’s October, by the way, October Carter. And you are?” With her red lipstick, October looked almost seductive, and knew it too. She seemed to have an effect on guys; many would giver he what she wanted even if they had to bend their backs to get it for her.
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