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    Ludo Linfoi

    "Ludo, arise. I thank you for your sign of obedience," Maverick Renos, the first-in-command of the Knights, said. Ludo rose up, the obedient knight as always. Even though he question their actions, he never question his obedience to the Oran. He is expected to follow orders around, and that he did. Being a Knight-Commander, he needed to set an example to the lower ranking knights. "I am yours to command, High Commander Maverick." Ceadmon Yeonart, second-in-command gave him a slight smile and nodded.

    “It is good to see you again, Ludo, but I’m afraid your climb was for naught," he said.

    "No, High Commander Caedmon. I am merely here to pay my due respect," Ludo said, his head bowed in acknowledgement. However, he think that the two High Commanders did not hear him, as Maverick faced the Knights below. Ludo jumped down the rails, and landed softly on the ceramics below.

    "Knights, let us head into the meeting room. We have a order from the Orator that should be immediately focused on," Maverick Renos said. All the Knights present looked up at him. He slowly descended the stairs, looking at them one by one. Ludo looked at his fellow Knights. The other two Knight-Commanders was present. The Demon and Alice. Both very interesting individuals. Ludo remembered the outcry that arose when Alice, the Absol, was made Knight-Commander. He did not challenge that. From the moment Ludo saw Alice's prowess in battle, he knew that she would make a good commander.

    Ludo followed the other Knights inside the meeting room. He took the seat closest to Maverick and Caedmon. One by one, the other knight's filed inside and took their respective seats. A Gallade put up a psychic barrier to prevent the leaking of sound.

    Maverick then started to talk about the new information. Regarding an enclave named "Kanto." Ludo groaned. Enclaves were supposed to contain hordes of Mechanists, but so far they have found none. Ludo himself is doubtful of their existence. Maverick continued. "At this point I open up discussion, does anyone have any questions?"

    Caedmon was the first one to start the questions. “Are we to create groups when we reach the approximate area of this… hole, and look for the entrance? It would widen the area we can search and lessen the time we would have to spend, whether this entrance is there or not," he asked. Ludo also followed up.

    "Before we even continue these discussion, I am going to ask if all of us, even the three Knight-Commanders are required to join you? I mean, we all could and are willing, but isn't it a bit exaggerated to send out us three at once? This enclave may even be a product of an overactive imagination."

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