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Originally Posted by Jedi_Amara
No way. They can be as short as you want them to be. There's no point pulling out certain stories to three times their original length. The story stagnates and becomes ultra-boring. Better to keep it simple but moving along properly.
I think he means by one shots in general, but not all the time, since majority of the one shots can be quite detailed and long. Certainly short one shots are possible, as long as the meaning and point is taken across.

Oh no you don't. See what I wrote just above. Description is good, yes, but most people tend to overwrite and again, the story stops moving. I hate reading stories that stop moving. Action is always more important than description, except in a certain type of writing that focuses only on one very small occurrence. If you write your action properly, it serves as description as well. I can't be more specific than that - types of action often describe a person's personality. "Creeping" is different from "plodding", for example.
Again, descriptions in general. Many people prefer stories that are descriptive, although of course simple description is perfectly fine, as long as it's legitimate and satisfactory. =D

About the whole issue with 'said,' I was given the impression it meant something like:

"Hello," Marie said.
"Hey," Sam said.
"It's a nice weather today," she said.

...something like that, probably implied as overusage?

I suppose ya better ask frostweaver. o.o;

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