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Alexis made sure she was standing properly, planting her paws on top and the sides of his head, glancing down at him as he began talking again. She tilted her head a little, but only realized what he was about to do a second before he did it. She let out a surprised squeak as he began jogging to keep up with the others, pressing her paws firmly against her, her fur standing on end.

She let out a laugh after a few moments of having gotten used to standing there, her paws begin surprisingly good at clinging to other surfaces, even something as slippery as a Poliwhirl’s skin. “H-heh, pretty good idea, this! Faster!”

Daniel strolling along with Mark, glancing between the group in front of them and him, nodding his head a few times. He had no clue what kind of Pokémon were up in the mountains on this island… he had no clue what kind of Pokémon –were- here, at all. They might be Pokémon he’d never heard of or seen before. It got him a little excited to get out and begin drawing.

“Catching a new Pokémon? But you already have so many! Though I guess, if you want to take on the gyms, you’ve gotta have somewhat of a team to choose between… and yeah, rock and ground Pokémon are pretty dangerous… but you’ve got a Poliwhirl, right? He should be good against ground-“

At this moment, a strange sight met the two. Running up past them and continuing forwards was Len the Poliwhirl darting along, with Alexis the Raichu, standing on Len’s hands which were on his back, clinging to his back and the top of his head, her head pressed forwards over his, enjoying the wind in her fur, her tail wavering in the air behind them, exclaiming a loud “Chhhhuuuuuuu!” as they darted past.

“… Types.” Daniel came to a halt for a moment, simply staring after the odd sight that had just appeared. He then burst into laughter and shook his head, starting to walk again, hurrying to catch up with Mark, a cheerful smile now on his lips.

“Looks like they’re having fun, huh?”
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