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Alice Crenshaw

As soon as Hilda told everyone to get moving, Alice started to breathe normally. She didn't feel as tired as she felt when she arrived at the classroom with the boots, although her legs were still killing her. In spite of that, she followeed Hilda, holding Jello in her arms as usual, the Solosis too shy to interact with other Pokémon.

Alice was feeling shy as well, and did not feel like talking to anyone. Besides, she didn't think that anyone would want to talk to her at the moment. Everyone seemed so...busy. After following Hilda absent-mindedly, her thoughts were interrupted by the teacher's voice.

"This is it guys. If you don't have your boots or aren't riding a pokemon, you should change that now. This is the last chance..."

That was when she realised they were almost there. The view wasn't very nice, but, then again, one can't expect a pretty view of a swamp. She looked down to see her maroon boots and smiled, although nobody could see that due to the fact that she was wearing a mask.

"So...where do we go now?" Alice asked Hilda timidly.
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