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Originally Posted by Skegs View Post
So, where should I start when making an In-Game White team?
Early on you only really need one or two Pokemon, but the diverse Pokemon tend to come in around Route 4, where you find the ground types etc. Take one of those, put it with your starter, etc and build from there. While the Pokemon in Pinwheel Forest are okay, they're just not useful early on - or in general really, unless you have no water type for Clay, then yeah you'll need a grass type from there. Just grind your starter (and monkey if you wanted) as much as you can 'til you get Route 4. So basically, if you have Tepig, you have a ground weakness (aka when it evolves), so you could go with Archeops, and then build around their weaknesses (something that'll resist water), if you have Snivy, then maybe Carracosta to resist fire/bug, or maybe even Darmanitan. If you have Oshawott, since you're weak to grass/electric, Darmanitan can help w/ grass, or Krookodile for electric.

But yeah I'd not really start considering about a team until there, since up to that point your starter should be able to get you through, with a few other extras from Pinwheel maybe.

Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
I'm having a Problem beating Morty so where is the best place to train a level 17 Eevee? I'm wanting to evolve it into an Umbreon because Morty's Gengar won't be able to attack me because hes dark.
Well tbh the best place would be the next two routes going towards Olivine City. The Pokemon are around level 17, so it'll be a bit of a challenge at first, but you should be able to get it up to around 23 or so with that. Just remember to level it up at night and you'll be fine. :3

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