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(Ooc: I'll take it Thyme is a Snivy.)

Kilik Chambers

They were finally ready to go. To the swamplands it is. Kilik & the rest of the class left the class & ventured onward to their destination. Some of the students were talking at the moment, but nothing to do with Kilik. It didn't bother him much. They were probably gonna end this class soon, not much to do until then.

A Snivy suddenly passed by everyone, through the legs apparently. Wonder who's Pokemon that was? It wasn't much of a bother though. It seemed they were almost at the swamps. Better safe than sorry. Kilik took out a Pokeball & brought out Mistress. Looks like she had a good nap. "Morning to you. Could you morph into a Swampert right now?" He asked.

Mistress yawned for a minute before speaking. "Fine." Her form started to change. Her color was changing to blue & any other color a Swampert has. The now Swampert stood next to Kilik as he walked over to Daniel & Mark. "So, what are we talking about?" He asked them both?

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