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Kilik Chambers

Already enough traded already. Still, more is more than enough. That probably sounded stupid. Kilik just shrugged it off & continued trading some more stuff in the trading markets.

"Are you really preparing more than you should?" Asked Reiki.

"We might have leftovers at the end." Kilik answered. Being more than prepared for the journey was sometimes good. Though bringing too much would be a problem, better watch out how much he would bring.

After a few more trades, it seemed Kilik had just enough to last him at least three days. Maybe a week too. Too early to say though. What got his attention right now though was the drop of apples on the floor. Kilik looked nearby & saw a girl picking up the apples. Now he couldn't just let that be. He walked over to the girl, bent down & put down his basket. He has his on it just in case anybody tries to steal it. "Need a little help?" He asked the girl, picking up the apples.

"Again?" Reiki complained. Boy was he getting annoyed with Kilik helping almost everyone.

"I'm a caring person." Kilik ignored Reiki then & continued helping the girl with her apples.

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