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Jeremy Kyle – Birmingham, England

Jeremy cracked up laughing at the mention of drugs; Archie actually believed that Jeremy had drugged either of them? The idea was ridiculous in itself, but Jeremy abruptly stopped when he caught the eye of the bald guy. Jeremy rapidly composed himself and turned to Jericho and Archie; it was the typical good cop, bad cop routine, but for some reason the Directive always wanted Jeremy to bring his recruits this way which made absolutely no sense to him whatsoever.

“When I was like you guys, I was apprehensive about my joining too; I could barely teleport a meter ahead of myself. But by joining these guys, I’ve achieved much more than I would have if I was still in the mass of humanity. I’ve learnt to control my abilities; I’ve been all over the world!” Jeremy was hoping that by stressing how much he had learnt and grown, that they would join the Syndicate.

“I was bored at school, the work was easy, I acted out, and I was the class clown. Here, I can safely say I have never been bored; I am finally doing something useful for once. Us three are all Atlanteans, there are so many more of us in the Syndicate; it’s like one big family. Why be out there with people who secretly want to supress your abilities and deny your heritage, treat you less than human? Become part of something big and join us!” Jeremy felt himself get a little emotional closer to the end, but he was true to what he was saying. Adrian and October treated Jeremy with disdain, he was alone and by himself in the Syndicate, he was sure even Leon would join their ranks, but Archie and Jericho; he had a chance to be friends with them.

“What do you say guys? Is my verdict enough to change your decision?”
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