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Leon Nef- Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

Leon looked around the room filled with scientists, who looked at him for a moment before returning to their monitors, not giving him a second thought. Nobody spoke up for a moment, and Leon crossed his arms. He was tired, and getting a bit impatient. When he would get impatient, he tended to get into a bad mood, which ultimately culminated in him not giving a sh*t about anyone else, really. He then heard a voice behind him. Leon turned and looked at the source of the voice, a woman, quite a beautiful one at that, with darkish red-brown hair, a pair of crystal earrings, and luscious, red lips.

"Che Bella..." Leon whispered under his breath, eying the woman up and down. She walked passed Joshua and towards Leon, who stood there, observing her walk. He wondered who she was. She walked with the air of someone important, but just how important? Was she an equal of Leon's, or what? Leon didn't really like the idea of having too many people above him in stature. Working under the Directive was enough without too many middle men in between. If this was another one, Leon wasn't sure if she deserved any sort of respect from him. He made up in his mind, however attractive she may be, that he would treat her the same way he would anyone else. To an Italian, an impression is made of someone before words are ever spoken to each other, and that impression usually sticks, and rarely changes. Interaction is often one of the most key cultural tools of life in Italy. However, Leon's Swiss background is just the opposite. Respect for privacy and discretion are key values in social interaction. One often does not interact to the extent of his other country. Observation is a key trait many of these people have. Although Leon has lived in Italy for the past few years on his own, he still identifies with his Swiss roots, and therefore, a first impression may need to be tested before fully established. That is one of the reasons Leon established his very annoying techniques of getting under other people's skin, combining his culture's mannerisms to get to really know a person, and perhaps not the shell they primarily put up.

“I can show you where you bedroom is," She said to Leon."the name’s October, by the way, October Carter. And you are?”

The test began. Leon let out a small laugh, and spoke. "October? Who in the hell would give you a name like that?" He said, giving the girl a grin. "Leon. Leon Nef." he responded soon afterward. "Alright, I'll follow your lead...Ottobre." Leon said in his native Italian. He stretched his arms for a second, realizing he was still very much sore from the training, and eager to get some rest, which he felt, was well deserved.

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