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Jericho Heiko: With Jeremy in a Nondescript Building (Location Unknown)

Jericho raised a brow and looked towards Jeremy when he started laughing. For a moment he thought someone would come out and say "Hey, Jeri, guess what? You've been Punk'd". He could see quickly that that wasn't going to happen. Only in an ideal world...

That didn't explain Jeremy's deal. Honestly, he didn't think this was something to be laughing about. He wondered what had caused Jeremy to make this outburst, but he stopped, to Jeri's pleasure. Subconsciously, Jeri started deducting points. Jeremy started talking then, all happy and whatnot. Saying stuff that didn't seem to match the overall scenery. He made it sounds nice, but looking at bald guy and remembering his first meeting with Jeremy he had to question whether this was scripted or not.
He raised a brow and looked Jeremy over. Then he spoke. "You've impressed me Jeremy," he said first, speaking slowly. "I didn't know people could really sound like the 'real people' that do product reviews during commercials. But you? You've got it down to a T." He lifted his hand on the word T, having his thumb and index finger connected together into a circle. The rest of his digits stood in the air. He lowered his hand and continued. "Look, you seem like a nice kid,"--you know, in a completely different situation--"and I'd love to hang out with you, but... I'm sorry." He pointed his thumb at the suited man. "Having a babysitter with a monkeys in his *ss and a few dimes short from buying a wig is a little too much for me." He glanced over at Archie for a brief moment and, just from that, remembered his little drug comment. He smiled at that, as if being teleported into some kind of warehouse was the equivalent of an acid trip.

Hm. So that's what he was laughing at. Alright, Jeremy. Points regained. His eyes went back to Jeremy after the brief moment. "If you'd given me a sign up sheet, rode me here on a bus, and sat me down in a nice bean bag chair at the community rec center, I might have been able to overlook that. But so far my trip here has been slightly less than comfortable,"--he fell from the ceiling for god's sake!--"and you've put me in--what is this? A warehouse? This place doesn't even look fun!" Jeri sighed. He honestly could go on, but he kind of wanted to get out of here. He looked back at the suited man, scowled, and then put his eyes back on Jeremy. "Jeremy, I don't know what your idea of a 'big happy family'--or fun for for that matter--is, but unless Marry Poppins or The Cat in the Hat bust in and tow this guy away my answer's going to be the same." He looked back at the suited man. "No."
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