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Gen had smashed away at the rock and demolished about half of i, which was a feat for him, as he does not like physical labor with tools. Darrumel had come out at that point to take a look see at what's going on.

"Ooh la la! What a pleasant yet weird and very wacky way to teach students! Destroying rocks doesn't seem pleasant to watch, and it gets everything all filled with dirty, dirty dust." said Darrumel. At that time, Byron was peacefuly reading a book labelled "Mining Spots for Diligent Miners"

"Ugh, doesn't isn't it just a tiny bit excessive to ask students to break rocks?"
said Gen.

Though not very obvious, Byron was thinking that the best way to learn about mining is to break things, especially funny looking rocks.

"Class, let's have a volunteer from this class show us how he hammers his rocks! So, anyone up to it?" announced Byron.

Gen was definitley not going to volunteer, hewas busy smashing the rocks his own freakish way,
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