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Your new tiles don't really work together. For instance the archway thing has a really bold black outline, whilst the trees have barely any - and the details on the house are far too reliant on a black outline, rather than shades of brown (or a dark grey) and so looks a bit out of place.

That being said I do like the cave tiles, if the black on the bottom of those pillars was a dark grey I think it would look even better.

Text-wise, something about the font itself looks weird o.O The size of them varies a lot, have those been changed or have I just never paid attention to fire red font before XD. With colours, I think you should stick to a certain key like:

Name:Blah Blah Blah why don't you go find the Keyword

That way it looks less messy (like that screenshot with 4 colours in just one box) and makes the whole game more polished.