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    Skye hesitated. He didn’t really want to make the teacher angrier than he already was. Though, according to Rama, the dude wasn’t particularly a nice guy. Then again Rama only loved himself and maybe Skye on happy days so that may be a skewed impression. He sighed almost imperceptibly, shifting slightly from foot to foot. This was going to be a bad day, he knew it. Maybe he should wait on going to the mountains…. No he needed a flying type aside from Volca… Just no Emolgas… Skye shivered. Anything but Emolgas and Joltiks and almost anything that sparked… well… maybe he could get a Pichu… they were too busy hurting themselves…

    Meanwhile, Rei glanced at her opponent, the Bug type. So she couldn’t hurt him… and Skye was looking hopelessly confused. Dear god… Skye was looking unsettled for a change. Time to take matters into her own flippers she supposed…

    Rei opened her mouth and concentrated before releasing a ray of ghostly energy, Confuse Ray, toward her opponent. Skye reacted to stop her, but it was too late for that.

    (Skye did not order her to do that, in case my morning sleepiness made that really confusing.)

    Ciel flushed in surprised delight. That had been a guess… He hadn’t expected to get it even close to right… Brie growled in his arms, developing a young cabin fever. However Ciel didn’t put him down. When he eventually had to put the creature back into a Pokeball, he did not want the Absol claustrophobic. Listening to the teacher, Ciel watched Kinko trot up to him and settle at his feet, staring intently at the Zoroark and Zorua nearby with curiosity. She wanted to play. Ciel reached out and patted her head gently. He didn’t think that’d be a good idea.

    So focused on two other things at that moment, Ciel jumped when the ceiling began to recede, revealing the brightness of the sun. He shivered a moment as Kinko leaped up and whirled around. She had been nice and calm too! Brie yipped, confused. Ciel frowned at the little creature. He wondered when it’d be able to form words.

    Ash stood with her arms behind her back. Well this is getting nowhere…She hadn’t expected it to in truth. These were kids who hadn’t likely thrown a punch in their lives, let alone actually considered fighting someone. One of the girls, the first volunteer perhaps, threw what looked to be a halfhearted thing. Hmm… this class wasn’t gonna work for her, Ash could feel it. Poor lass. And she couldn’t force the class to do it either. The girl would have to figure it out for herself.

    She smiled a little, walked over, and placed a hand on Valorie’s shoulder. From anyone else, the gesture was likely creepy. It was probably creepier from Ash, considering when she looked at you with her teal eyes, they kind of looked past you because without her Aura perception, she couldn’t see you. Did Ash know this? It was possible though she never really reacted to it. “Hey,” she said softly, just loud enough for Valorie to hear. She knew the girl’s partner was right there and briefly ignored her. “Relax. You can stop if you want. Class is almost over. Besides, I doubt you wanna do this anyhow.”

    Ash stepped back and moved, speaking to the class at large. “Since none of you seem to want to answer the question or can, here’s on part of it. Human wounds are more dangerous due to our… lack of durability.” I was totally going to say our squishiness, she thought with a grin. “Also, wounds from human weapons tend to be slightly cleaner due to the way the weapons are designed. Pokemon wounds tend to be a little less serious except for example in cases of say a Charmander’s flame or badly poisoned status. Also, since Pokemon can’t always even out their claws or fangs or their Flamethrowers, they’re a lot less clean and easy to bandage over.”

    The teen nodded to herself. “We’ve got ten minutes now. Switch partners and this time, I want you to focus on getting your partner pinned down in the sand.”
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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