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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
What I find interesting is the amount of people who say their parents or friends don't know that they're atheists. It's almost like it's as big of a deal as being gay, where there has to be this involved 'coming out' process. It might just be the area where I live, but... is it really that big of a deal?
It really depends on where you live and your family. I myself have never discussed religion with my family. I'm honestly not even sure what they are. My grandpa might think I'm Christian because I went to church for a few months, but it was purely to expand my knowledge on the religion.

However, I do have friends who are atheists and if they came out and just said they don't believe in God or anything of the religion, it would create tension and uneasiness in the family.

Originally Posted by Pudz View Post

I... I don't even have a response from this. I
Well, what's it matter? If someone disagrees with gay marriage, whatever, I'm not going to waste my time telling them that I think they're intolerant or illogical.

I know people who personally disagree with it, but they still vote in favor of it because they don't believe it to be their place to press their beliefs onto others. That's where it matters for me: if they're actively trying to oppress people.
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