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Originally Posted by Gonz0 View Post
OK, enough being on hiatus!

first thing, Mac I did the first challenge!

second thing:
M, lvl 16 shin-eeh

Adamant || Hustle || Gonzo: 00001
IVs: Flawless

third thing: wanna be Co-Owner
About damn time! I'll add you in as co-owner since I need ya, bro. :3

Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Alright...and I did do that, but it didn't give me results. It always said No match for ... (I don't remember the rest).
I have done a search with Delay + 100 - 100 to find which delay I hit instead of the one I was supposed to hit...and it still didn't work.
OK try -1, +1 seconds as well...