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    Jack Davis

    Jack groaned as Shadoan nudged him, "I'm up! I'm up!" Jack crawled out of sleeping bag and yawned. Looking around, Jack noticed the various bug pokemon that had taken up residence around the trees near them. Kiba was already as was his pokemon and Shadoan's as well. Jack rolled his sleeping bag up into his backpack and released Charlie, Alpha, and Echo from their pokeballs. The Kadabra stretched as he appeared on the grass, the Hypno yawned, having apparently fallen asleep in the ball, and the Sneasel looked around before she raced to a tree and sat down against the trunk.

    Ohayo Gozaimasu, good morning." He heard Kiba say. "Yeah, good morning to you to Kiba." Jack replied. He turned to the Kadabra, "Today you're going to be more social. I know last night was spontaneous but you need to learn how to interact. Alpha make sure he interacts." The Hypno eagerly nodded. Jack called out to Echo, "You're getting some walking today, okay? Also, we're going to practice those deep breathing exercises."

    Jack finished getting all his supplies together and looked at the egg Kiba held, "Well, if it keeps moving then it's got to be close to hatching. How long have you had that egg anyway?"

    Alpha smirked, "Alright Charlie, let's go socialize."

    Charlie glared at him, "How about you go talk and I interact with who I want to."

    Alpha shook his head, "Nope. I'm in charge so come on, besides it'll be over faster if you do it now rather than later."

    Alpha headed toward Flare and Mello with Charlie following behind. "Hello you two, hope you both slept well! Um, Mello, forgive me for last night. I didn't know you required personal space, but Echo is very dangerous. She may not have shown it last night, but she done some... unsavory acts in the past."

    "Like ripping off that poor little Pichu's face."

    Alpha narrowed his eyes at the Kadabra, "Charlie! Now is not the time!"

    Charlie grinned and raised his voice for all the pokemon to hear, "Oh, I say it is Alpha. Don't you remember the screams? The way the Pichu sobbed? How the child spent a good two weeks in the hospital and had to get a good thirty stitches? Of course there was also Foxtrot. The little ghost didn't listen to us and tried to be her friend. Ended up having every single attack thrown at him and landed in the ICU for a good three days. The doctors even said he would have a ten percent chance of surviving. Oh and that one death... yes Alpha, let's make sure they know nothing about the little sneasel and treat the creature as something that can be tamed." He then turned to Mello and Flare, "In truth, it is broken. It is only a shell of the pokemon it once was and will always be a shell. It only survives on instincts alone and even though Jack has a little bit of control over it's actions there is always the chance it will kill anything it has laid it's eyes ."

    "Echo is a she Charlie, not an it." Alpha said in a flat tone.

    "Of course it is. There I socialized, happy?" Charlie walked over to a tree and sat down. Alpha turned back to Mello, "Just... Just be careful around her. I know that it's a hard concept to undertand, but please, we can't deal with another incident. Jack hasn't given up yet, but I am afraid that he is close to releasing her if anything else happens. She's worked so hard to get in his good graces and just one more slip up could very well break all that trust they've worked on."

    During all of the talking Echo simply sat at the tree, taking in deep breaths like she had practiced with Jack. If she didn't interact with anyone, then the odds were slim they would come up and try to interact with her.
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