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    Thyme looked around, her eyes narrowed as her feet were getting muddy. This was not what she had had in mind when she tagged along. She spotted Len take a spectacular fall and walked over to him.

    "Hello Len... It's been a while. Where's your trainer?" she said, trying not to lose her temper. the only thing she hated more than getting wet was getting muddy. She crossed her arms and looked at Alexis after a moment.

    "Who are you?" she said quietly.


    Bri smiled and walked out of his dorm. Sprinkles grinned at him, and the pair set off, heading for the area where he had first met Nova. Maybe the growlithe was still hanging around there. Hopefully he would be able to find Nova soon. Sprinkles growled and took off after a Rattata.

    "Sprinkles, wait!" Bri shouted, taking off after his eevee as fast as he could.
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