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    Name: Unknown.

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Nickname: Unable to remember her true name, she calls herself Apolla.

    Mutant-maker: Like the more successful mutants at the School, Apolla has 2% Avian DNA. Her wings are a dark copper-red colour, and when fully extended they reach a wingspan of 15 feet. Her wings aren't easy to classify, but she compares them to the plumage of a Red Kite. Apolla has no other distinguishable physical attributes, other than a small mark behind her ear in the shape of a Helix. This becomes increasingly vivid when Apolla is at emotional extremities, but she nor her friends can decipher where it came from.

    Powers: Apolla is so-named due to a power to heal. However, this is largely unrefined and by healing others she must absorb their ailments, causing her great damage. This primarily occurs through her hands, and reflects her nature to put herself in danger for others. This power hinders the fast healing ability that most mutants are gifted with.
    Apolla can mimic the moves of her enemies perfectly. As she fights familiarity, her mimicry increases speed until she can predict her enemy's actions and overtake them. She will later discover an ability to control and conjure up flames and wind.

    Appearance: Apolla, like most Avian-Human hybrids, is tall for her age at 5'11''. Her hair reaches to the small of her back and is the same copper-red colour as her wings. She has a sweeping fringe (or 'bangs', as I believe they are called in America) which brushes past her vibrant green eyes. Her face is young, but her maturity is far beyond that, as shown in her large and emotive eyes. Like most hybrids, she is slim for her height and she is neither pale nor tanned.
    Apolla cares little for fashion, and usually dons the same outfit. She often wears dark skinny jeans and red basketball shoes, with a red vest and a black leather jacket. All clothes on her torso are slitted for her wings.

    Personality: Apolla is a natural leader. As one of the eldest in the group, she is looked upon for guidance and often is trusted with decisions. Apolla feels a duty of care for the others, but there are times where she wishes she could pass her authority onto another. She will delegate her role to anybody who would like to take charge, but she will intervene if it is in the best interest of the group.
    As she sees herself as responsible for the group, Apolla will often refuse to show emotion. Her feelings are so buried inside her that she cannot access them herself. When upset, Apolla will usually close herself off from everybody and await a distraction rather than confronting her feelings head on. However, she is very good at dealing with the problems of the younger members, and will usually be able to soothe and relax them. Apolla is very expressive and opinionated, whether you want it or not. She has a razor-sharp tongue and can argue her way out of anything.

    Flaws: Apolla's keenness to protect others will often result in foolish decision-making. She will risk her life where often a cooler response is more apt and rational, and she is very easily provoked. Although well-involved inside the group, Apolla cannot socialise in the outside world. Her confinement in the School has forced her to mistrust everybody, and she is highly paranoid about the intentions of others. This has resulted in her becoming an excellent liar. Apolla, although usually calm, has a spitting temper. Although very rarely lost on her friends, Apolla's temper can cause irrationality and illogical actions which inevitably cause trouble. When angry, Apolla becomes unpredictably strong and somewhat unable to control herself. It takes a long while for her to cool off, but she is usually much calmer after a solitary flight or a fight-induced adrenaline rush. Apolla can become a little headstrong, and will stubbornly refuse to listen to reason when emotions are high. Although she tells herself she is willing to accept help, Apolla will almost always refuse assistance.

    Perfections (I don't really like the term perfections): First and foremost, Apolla is an excellent fighter. Trained by herself to defend the others, She is light on her feet and relies on her instinct in fight. Like a lot of mutants, she is incredibly strong, and her fighting technique is fierce. Her insistence on protecting the others makes her a target for the more skilled Scarers.
    Apolla considers her greatest asset to be her quick thinking. Although none of the mutants were ever able to enjoy full-time education, Apolla is bright and fast. She knows how to utilize what they have at their disposal rather than what they do not, and her tactics are usually vigilant and effective.

    Likes: Being on the run means that the mutants don't get creature comforts. Apolla mostly likes knowing that her friends are safe, and that they can fend for themselves. However, she does have a weakness for Rhubarb and Custard flavoured sweets, and she likes to listen to the sound of running water. Apolla also likes to read, but with the little opportunity she has, this is considered a rare luxury.

    Dislikes: Apolla hates one thing in particular; the School and all that work for them. Of course, that's a given. She does have a fear of enclosed spaces, and she dislikes being around people she isn't familiar with. Loud, crowded places make her feel vulnerable and she much prefers the quiet.

    Apolla's parents were teenage sweethearts. Their love was unrivaled, and when her father got down on one knee they saw no reason why they shouldn't elope. The couple were poor, young and inexperienced, but completely convinced that they needed no one else to be happy. When Apolla's mother announced that she wanted a baby, her husband was uncertain about his ability as a parent. However, he knew that his wife would help him, and it would make her so happy.
    Apolla's mother was eight months pregnant when the accident happened. A car crash left her in critical condition, while her husband sat, unharmed and helpless, by her side. Rushed into surgery, Apolla's mother was bleeding out. The damage was too substantial for her to ever recover, and her brain, starved of oxygen, was declared dead. The doctors were then left with one priority: the body was still alive, and so they delivered their patient's baby. Apolla survived against the odds, but her mother showed no sign of waking.
    Apolla's father grieved endlessly at his wife's bedside, refusing to turn off the machines. He couldn't bare to look at his daughter, let alone give her a name. Eventually he gave in and signed the papers, leaving his wife's side before they could take her off life support. Every time he looked into his daughter's face he was reminded of the wife he'd loved and the life he'd lost. Still ridden with grief months later, Apolla's father heard of an Adoption Scheme in a place nicknamed the School, California. He could not bond with his child, and so he handed over the last memory of his wife. Refusing payment, he fled the area and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

    At the School, the White-Coats were keen to test Apolla. Although far too young to be aware of her surroundings, she retained the painful memories throughout her childhood. Apolla buried them deep within her, and so they resurfaced only as nightmares that disappeared in a flash. Apolla grew as Avian DNA bonded with her own, and she is one of the few who can remember the experiments. She saw children arrive, mutate and die before her.

    On the day of her escape, the mutants were pitted against each other in what was expected to be a fight to the death. Apolla resisted, refusing to fight. She defiantly ignored the white-coats, preparing herself to kick serious Scarer butt. She'd been signalled for termination, when a large explosion shook the school. Seizing the opportunity, Apolla rounded up as many mutants as she could, before seeking a hole in the forcefield and taking to the skies.

    Other: Apolla has absolutely no interest in relationships. Her sole priority is survival.

    RP Sample:
    I've actually been in a MR RP before (using the same character actually, how original...), so I think that that is probably the best sample I can give you. Here's the Link!

    If that's not really what you're looking for, then here is a sample from the RP Pokemon: An Epic Journey -
    "Well?" Olivia demanded, as the stocky man opposite her took a seat. Her icy blue eyes penetrated his dull, brown ones as she awaited his reply.
    Franco and Barker could not have looked more different. Every inch of Olivia was pale, glamorous and as sharp as a tack, whereas the dark-skinned, balding Barker oozed incompetence. There was full foot's difference in height between the two of them, and it was evident to look at them which was the leader and which the follower.

    "We sent a small convoy to Union Cave as you requested, Ms. Franco," Barker's nasally voice answered. "But we hit a, er, snag." His voice became incredibly small, and he visibly braced himself for Olivia's response. The Commander however, remained eerily calm.
    "What kind of snag?" Olivia asked quietly, suppressed anger flashing in her eyes. It was far more intimidating to her staff when she spoke softly - that's when they knew they were in real trouble.

    "Th-the boys we sent have messaged us and-" Barker gulped involuntarily, "-and they're in a bad shape. Stargazer knew they were coming, the Pokemon have been taken."

    Without a word, Olivia stood up. She slowly walked to the door and closed it, before turning on her employee. She stood directly before him, placing her hands firmly on his shoulders. Her voice dropped to nothing more than a whisper.

    "Tell me, Mr Barker. Is Team Crystal a competent and efficient establishment?"

    "Y-yes, Ms. Franco."

    "And my men. Have they served me well in the past?"

    "Wh-? Yes, yes of course."

    "Okay, I'm glad you agree. So tell me this, Mr Barker. Why is it, that every single time I put you in charge of a task, a simple, easily managed, moron-friendly task, that EVERYTHING GOES UP IN SMOKE AND FLAMES?!"
    Olivia shook with rage, her nails digging deep into Barker's fleshy shoulders.
    "I- I don't know, Ms -" Barker jabbered, his forehead shining with sweat. "I can, I can try -"

    "Try what? Try harder? Try adequacy? Try to not be a complete imbecile for no more than a few seconds so that I don't have to rectify and review every task I give you?!"

    Olivia let go of Barker's shoulders, returning to her seat calmly.
    "Now I'm sure you know what's coming, Mr Barker. You have seen more than anybody how we deal with incompetence at TC. Do you have a preference as to which one I use?"

    "Wha? No, no please, Ms. Franco, I can do better, I promise you! Demote me, anything! Please, I have two child-"

    "You know the rules, Mr Barker. Company policy. Now if you have no preference, then I'm happy to decide. No? Okay then. Regis, he's all yours."
    At the mention of his name, Olivia's Nidoking burst from his PokeBall, whipping his heavy tail menacingly. He moved towards Barker eagerly, but Olivia held up a hand.

    "Please, Regis. Not here. The stains are murder to remove."
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