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Scarlet Johnson

Scarlet had picked up two apples. "You'r so clumsy, you know that right?" Syrena said. Scarlet could communicate with Syrena any time, anywhere. And right now that was what she was doing. "I know, I know." She whispered. Hoping no-one heard her. Scarlet looked around for the rest of the apples, they were farther away than the other two she had just picked up. Scarlet sighed of annoyance, she stopped bending down and wen't straight up, and headed for the another apple. "Need a little help?" A boy's voice came from behind her. Scarlet turned around and saw a brown haired boy. He started to pick up apples with Scarlet. She smiled and picked up the one near to her, then walked over to the boy. "Thanks." She said.

Syrena appeared next to her, Scarlet's eye's opened wide. She took Syrena's paw before the boy could see. "You idiot Syrena! What if he's a human?" She complained in her mind, but still smiled at Kilik as if she wasn't talking. "What if he isn't?" Ugh, Syrena was so annoying. "Do you wanna risk it?" After that Syrena didn't complain. But Scarlet didn't know what to do either, she wanted to get to know the guy that helped her better. But it would be dangerous if he was human, then he would freak out. Scarlet took the apple's from the boy, "Thanks." She said again. "Im Scarlet, it's nice to meet you."

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