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    One of the adults decided to charge forward with knife in hand, which proved to be a bad decision. Trying to make a dodge to the side but still receiving a small cut on his cheek, Neil sent the grown-up flying into a cliff with an Energy Ball as a thank you, knocking him out of the fight. One down, one to go.

    Closing his eyes, the flower on his head began to shine brightly before sending out a white beam up into the sky. After a few seconds the sunshine suddenly became a lot brighter. The other adult shielded his eyes for a moment, giving Neil the moment he needed. With his Chlorophyll ability kicking in, he rushed forward with blinding speed and jumped over him. Quickly turning to the adult, he fired off a Solarbeam right towards the guy who was knocked out by the impact, landing next to his buddy.

    The boy let out a small sigh before a light yellow glow surrounded him. He felt his energy return to him and his wounds slowly healing up. Synthesis was such a good move to have. Now which way to go? The rest of the adults were probably still somewhere around. Hopefully he wouldn't run into them. He decided to head back the same way he came from, keeping his eyes focused in front of him to avoid any more conflicts.

    Neil spotted someone a bit further ahead but since he had a tail, it was easy to understand that it was another Pokéspirit wielder. Still keeping his guard up, Neil narrowed his eyes while slowly walking towards him. The guy was covered in armor and looked pretty other words, not one you would want to become enemies with. Maybe it would be wise to just go away while the opportunity still existed. But suddenly his eyes shot wide open when realizing who it actually was. couldn't be....

    '' that you?!''
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