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Hi All!!

Favorite Fire was a little tough. I thought about trying to go for Moltres on my SS but I'm not really ready to try those birds just yet...

I decided to go with my favorite fire by look alone. I think the shiny Rapidash with blue for its manes is the single prettiest shiny fire Pokemon. So going purely on one I find pretty I aimed for a male jolly shiny. (egg breeding in diamond)

I got my shiny male jolly. But when I went for my stats..
I was excited when it was a mischievous characteristic and thought I had my frame. I saved then checked with rare candies. Apparently I flipped one too few pages and although I have perfect Special Attack the rest of my stats are very low. I am still proud to enter this handsome dude as my entry in the challenge..

Ponyta *Shiny*
Lvl. 1
Male / Jolly
3 / 25 / 9 / 31 / 5 / 12