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Kilik Chambers

So Mark had plans to capture a ground-type Pokemon in the mountains after class. Everyone has plans these days. Actually, a ground-type Pokemon would work best against a fire-type. Kilik remembered Isaac's Quilave. It was a tough opponent. He'll consider looking for a ground-type some other time, but he won't forget.

"I guess we all have plans. I'm gonna be doing some training after class, with someone I've already met." Er, why did he say that? Perhaps he just felt like gossiping. No matter, they weren't gonna bother him after class anyway. "Maybe I'll go catch a Pokemon after class, if I have spare time." He added. But does he have enough time to meet up with N & see how the little boy is doing? So much to do after this it was almost stressful. Nothing Kilik can't handle.

Mistress as a Swampert looked at all the Pokemon out, feeling all-might for her size. She felt like king to them it almost made her giggle with delight. "It seems we've just about made it." Kilik reminded Mark & Daniel, nearing the swamps. He put his mask over his mouth for good preparation. Time to see where the 'lost' kid is.

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