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Ryuu laughed at the mention of being here years ago. He should have been here years ago. He had every right and every opportunity. What he would call 'bad parenting' is what kept him away. But that was in the past. He was here now, and ready to do what needed to be done. As Somal spoke about life in the Demon Realm, he couldn't help but agree. It was simpler in the Demon Realm, but in Ryuu's case simpler wasn't always better. Complications of things, like these sorts of reapings, is better than the mundane life he had before over in the Demon Realm. Things have changed for the better, at least he hoped they have.

Somal stood up. “Well, you won’t be seeing much of me. The other contestants will be busy beautifying themselves somehow, while you will actually do something productive with your time.” He headed towards the elevator, then stopped suddenly to mess with the kitchen staff who whispered to each other by the kitchen door. “Morons… Let’s go, Ryuu. We’ll go on a little drive and find you a good fight or two. You’ll get plenty of more sponsors if they see you personally beat down a God. Which, should be no problem for you.”

Ryuu cocked an eyebrow in surprise, and then grinned. " you're speaking my language!" Ryuu said. He grabbed his glass, finished the contents of the drink, and smashed it onto the ground below, before getting up and following Somal out of the dining room.


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