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    A New Day


    Kiba spoke up. "I got this egg before I left Iron Island, Sinnoh. And I came here, so... It's been about two weeks or so." He watched as after a long pause it shook one time more. "My guess is it will hatch in the following few days..."

    Mello was clearly annoyed with the treatment of Echo, and the cruel Kadabra himself. She called out at him. Time to make him think, she thought to herself. "Well, Charlie, I do remember that you are into the superiority of psychic types, right? You even praised me for being half-psychic. But, what if I sang a Relic Song? Then I would turn from half-psychic to half-fighting... But I would be the same person, yes?" She gave him a distinct glare; quite an unsettling glare, considering the Meloetta's natural beauty and grace. This was not the type of pokemon to hate anything, but she seemed pretty close.

    She seemed to walk right past the Hypno as she spoke to both Alpha and Charlie. "Look, there's no such thing as a shell of a pokemon. And calling a girl an it is a terrible thing. You should be ashamed!" She had walked right up to Echo, sitting knowingly within Sneasel's attacking distance. Mello wasn't afraid. This time she spoke to all three of them, but primarily directed it at Echo. "Look, there's a lot of cruel and ignorant people out there," with a small glare toward Charile, "some people are too self-righteous and self-absorbed to realize that all pokemon are equal. We all have our ups and downs. And while you probably don't see me as a friend, I would like to see you as one..."

    Flare noticed Mello unreasonably close to the out-of her-mind Sneasel. Be careful Mello...

    Mello hugged her legs to her chest. "I was too young to remember but... Flare says when he and Kiba found me, I was beaten and battered, and then abandoned... And I was only a baby... I struggled against him and didn't trust him, but... I thought he would attack or kill me... Instead, he had taken a bunch of leaves and used them to heal my wounds... And even after that he raised me... That's how I ended up with Flare and Kiba-san... It taught me that, while there are lot of bad bad people..." Mello looked into Echo's eyes, her own bright and shining pale orchid purple. "There are a few that deserve trust..." She was unsure of if she had the whole story right, so she looked to Flare, who nodded in confirmation; he kept his distance, less out of defense, because he could easily hold his own against a Sneasel, but he did out for Echo's sake.

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