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Originally Posted by FrostPheonix View Post
We believe that Adam and Eve are the first humans to have come on Earth; the first companions of God (not counting angels). Yet, from the moment mankind sinned, our genetic DNA has been spiraling downwards. Mutations in the DNA replication, RNA failures, etc. In the Bible, people used to live 600 years; now, people live to about 100. If they're lucky and have advanced medical treatment. Genetic diseases are starting to come about more and more frequently. I'd say that homosexuality came from somewhere around that spiral downwards. I mean, if God wanted/was all right with homosexuality, he would have mentioned it in the Bible... in biblical times, it was abhorrent to be homosexual. If it was all right, you might think he might have said something to clear things up. And yes, I know people who are homosexual can't help it, but that doesn't mean they have to follow their impulses. A few kids still stay virgin until they marry, the same way, why can't homosexuals practice abstinence? I know some people don't have intercourse ever as well. I myself believe that homosexuality is wrong, but people can choose to believe what they wish. I don't pretend to say I know exactly what God wants, but I think I am saying what he wants right here.
But even just 100 years ago people didn't live nearly as long as they do today. We've got tons of documents are records showing that people are gradually living longer as time goes by, not the other way around. Perhaps genetic diseases aren't becoming more frequent, just our ability to detect them and the fact that people aren't dying as early and so diseases have more time to manifest themselves. In other words, you wouldn't know if there were a lot of genetic diseases from a long time ago because people wouldn't know what to look for and lots of people who had them could easily have died from war, malnutrition, etc. before their conditions had a chance to show. I'd say it's a hard case to make that people are "spiraling downwards." And if we're not, then you can't really say that homosexuality is part of that non-existent downward trend. No connection between homosexuality and sin. So why should homosexuals have to stay abstinent any more than anyone else?