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    As soon as Maverick asked the question Caedmon raised a question. “Are we to create groups when we reach the approximate area of this… hole, and look for the entrance? It would widen the area we can search and lessen the time we would have to spend, whether this entrance is there or not.” Maverick was about to answer, but Ludo already had another question ready.

    "Before we even continue these discussion, I am going to ask if all of us, even the three Knight-Commanders are required to join you? I mean, we all could and are willing, but isn't it a bit exaggerated to send out us three at once? This enclave may even be a product of an overactive imagination."

    Maverick nodded his head, "These are all good questions. In answer to you're question Caedmon, it depends on what we find. If we do not come across the... hole when we do first get there, then it we will split up to find it. We are all Knights, we can take a few Mechanists. Once we do find the entrance, if there is one, we form back up in a group and proceed cautiously. As to your question Ludo, we do not know if this is just the imagination of the informant. We do not know if this is just made up and we spend a good five hours searching for something that doesn't exist. But, what if it does exist? What if there is a place where the Mechanists hide? We have no idea what is inside this enclave. Are there ten Mechanists? A hundred? Do they have technology that can kill us outright down there? Is it a cave they dug out or is it an elaborate set of tunnels that our enemies can use to cave us in? The point is we don't now what would be down there."

    "In short, yes I need you Ludo, I need you Alice, and I need you Famidus. It is always better to be over prepared than to be under prepared. who we bring with us can determine whether or not we prevail, and who better to bring than the Knight-Commanders themselves? Any other questions?"
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