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    Spider had followed Lucy carefully and quietly as she moved through the building, keeping her distance and observing carefully with her six eyes. Deciding eventually that the girl didn't seem to be a threat that left only two possibilities. Food, or tool. And given that Spider had fed on such a satisfying meal so recently, hunger wasn't currently the issue it so constantly was. Which left one option.

    Backtracking somewhat she dropped quietly to the floor and, reluctantly, released her fusion with her pokespirit. Her fangs, claws and simple eyes vanished as her hair colour faded to a dull brown and the hair itself fell down around her head and into her eyes. With her small stature Nika cut a rather pathetic figure in her ruined clothes, which currently suited her just fine.

    Making her way gradually back towards the area of the building Lucy was moving through, she called out temerously.


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